Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Like God designed Little River for kayaking

We are so blessed to be able to paddle at Van Damme in Little River. We could not have designed it better. It allows us gentle, smooth, protected channels on almost everyday. It has just the right amount of excitement, challenge and sea life. The views are amazing in all directions. The winds help us to glide back from the trip. All is perfect. It is not to be missed. The baby seagulls are now hatched and Momma and Papa look very proud. Everyday I feel so fortunate to take locals and visitors alike out on this amazing trip. EXPERIENCE THE MAGNIFICENCE!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

June Gloom

Yes it is that time of year when normally the fog and fog wind come around. It is here , but where we paddle and what we do is still magnificent and easy. One customer the other day said," You see what you normally would not and without leaving a footprint." Pretty cool. Please check out our web site for more images and general information.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Seagulls circus act and Deer

Today was classic. I paddled 2 tours to the north and they were great. Everyone love it. On one rock we came across 2 seagulls, one standing on the others back balancing. The one on bottom was wiggling, trying to get the other to climb down. What an act. I was laughing so hard. After a few minutes the silly bird climbed down. Soon after we saw a young deer down by the waters edge staring down a young seal. It was on the rocks, no grass in sight to eat, only salty water and seaweed. There is always someting different to see on our Kayak Mendocino Sea cave and nature tours. Hope you can join us soon. Craig

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekly News and Views

June 11th 2008:

Our trips are running daily at Van Damme State Park in Mendocino, and the seals are welcoming us on every trip. I hear wow from so many customers and the smiles speak for themselves. It is such a special place and I feel fortunate to guide others through the caves and narrow passageways.