Thursday, July 24, 2008

The World s Oceans are One

So close to the shore but so far away. We glide across the water and we skim through the caves. Less then a mile away cars whiz by and folks go about thier daily activities. We are off the land and have now become a part of the Worlds oceans. They are all connected. For all the appreciation we have, and all the joy we have been given from this environment, we must give back and be advocates to protect and save the seas. Please help in any way you can. Our lives and those of of our children and grandchildren depend on it, not to mention all the life inhabiting the waters.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Everything and More"

Our guests love the tours. This is a quote from one recently after I asked how it was. The little seagulls are growing fast, seals happy and caves as inviting as usual. Now is the time to paddle. With 15 years of experience at Van Damme Little River it has become second nature to be there and show people a great time. guest from all over the world are enjoying the best kayaking in California , if not the world, and all easily done and with no great strain or investment required. What a life!!!!